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New here?

Here are some frequently asked questions....

What time does church start ... and end?

10am - Our Sunday worship service is for all ages, from the oldest to the youngest. There will be a blend of traditional hymns, contemporary songs and kids’ songs, followed by a Bible focused talk. The service also includes a lively children and youth programme. This service is usally just over an hour (A Communion or celebration service may be longer)

After the service, there is an opportunity to enjoy some tea & coffee with each other.

Where is the church?

We are in the centre of the town, opposite the war memorial and Tesco (you can’t miss us!) The A40 winds around us. See our address and a map here.


What should I wear?

When you spend time with us at ABC we want you to feel comfortable. You will see adults and children wearing everything from jeans and t-shirts to suits and ties so please don't feel you need to "dress up." Just come as you are.


Where can I park?

We have a car park, but try to keep it free for those with mobility difficulties or parents/carers with young children. There are a variety of town car parks within walking distance. The nearest being the Fairfield car park (Sat Nav: NP7 5TR) a 5-10 minute walk. It's free to park on Sunday.


What happens when I get there?

There will be will be someone to welcome you in, They'll offer you a copy of our welcome booklet if it’s your first time. You will be directed to the stairs as our service is held upstairs. We have a chair lift for those who need it.


What happens during the time together?

Our service starts with a some worship of varying genres (traditional hymns, contemporary worship & children's songs.) This usually lasts 20-25 minutes. All song words appear on the big screen, so you can sing along, if you would like to, or you can sit and listen. There is no pressure, feel free to engage in your own time.

The children (0-11 year olds) go to their groups while the rest of the church have a time of prayer, Bible reading(s) and then a Bible based talk. Have a listen to some of our previous Bible talks before you come!


After the service there is an opportunity for a time of prayer and fellowship over a cuppa in the hall downstairs, while the youth have their discussion about the Bible talk together. 


If you need to leave during a service, no-one will complain if you slip out - don't be alarmed if someone comes to check you are okay.


Once a month we have an opportunity to celebrate Communion also known as the 'Lord's Supper'.

Everyone who has put their faith in Jesus is more than welcome take communion with us.


Will I be asked for money?

There will be an opportunity for our regular congregation to give money towards the ongoing work of the church and our support of mission and Christian compassion. Don’t feel embarrassed to allow the plate to pass you by. Many Church members contribute directly through their bank accounts so you won’t be the only one passing it on!


What about children and young people?

We start all together worshiping as one big family for around 20-25 minutes, then the children (o-11 year olds) go to their age appropriate activities in ABC Kids, while the rest of the church have a Bible based talk from our minister or guest preachers.


ABC Kids is for children up to the age of 11. Children will learn about God, Jesus and the Bible. Activities include: listening to or watching  a Bible story, games, challenges, singing, craft, and praying in a variety of ways.


You are welcome to go with the children and meet Babs (our Children's worker) and the other leaders. If your child is reluctant to to be left in an unfamiliar place, you are most welcome to stay with them until they are settled.

ABC Youth is for young people age 11-18. Our group is called Oceans. The young people remain in the main church service and listen to the  Bible talk with a 15-20 minute discussion after the service.



What about disabled access?

We have a ramped access into the church building. Our meetings are usually held upstairs. We have a chair lift for those who find stairs difficult. We also have a ramp into the downstairs hall. If using the chair lift is difficult we relay the service to the downstairs hall through a television. We are fully accommodating to everyone’s needs. We also have a hearing loop system upstairs - please ask if you need assistance with this.

I'm new, do you have anything for newcomers?

Our Pastoral couple (Mike and Vicky) host a newcomers tea, every couple of months in their home where people can come have a chance to find out more about them and the church in an informal setting over a cup of tea and piece of cake.

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